Should you take your cats on vacation? We did!

Jezebel chills out at the beach house

Jezebel chills out at the beach house

We’ve done about everything someone can do for their cats. We’ve pampered them. We’ve given them the best veterinary care money can buy. We even take them on walks. But we’ve never taken them on vacation–until now.

Our cats, Jasper and Jezebel, are 14 years old. And although they’re well-traveled–we’ve been taking them on a 1.5-hour trip to my in-laws in Delaware ever since they were kittens–we’ve never brought them on vacation. I figured they would hate it, or at the very least be stressed out by being in a strange new place.

But we were pleasantly surprised this summer, when not only were were able to take Jasper and Jezebel on a beach vacation, but that they actually enjoyed it. You can read all about our adventures in my latest story for The Washington Post.

And please let me know in the comments if you’ve had your own experience vacationing with your cat!

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