Citizen Canine is now out in paperback!


CitizenCanine_pbDear Friends, I’m proud to announce that Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs has just come out in paperback! If you’ve been waiting for a soft cover edition, you can find now it on Amazon and fine bookstores everywhere.

Also, in case you missed my “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, you can find the link to the conversation here.

And for those of you in the Portland, OR area, I will be doing a reading of the book at the world-famous Powell’s bookstore on June 29th.

Finally, a note about the paperback. Although I have updated the book since it was first published, the first edition of the paperback contains the original hardcover text. The updates should appear in the next version of the paperback. Here are a couple of updates and corrections worth noting:

  • Page 73: Marc Bekoff got his MD and PhD at Cornell University Medical College in New York City, not in Ithica.
  • Page 100: The Animal Legal Defense fund did not create an animal law committee in the American Bar Association. This was instead done by animal lawyer Barbara Gislason.
  • Page 122: After the book went to press, South Dakota became the 50th state to make animal cruelty a felony.
  • Page 293: Two updates to the timeline
    • 2006: The U.S. federal government passes the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act, which impels rescue agencies to save pets as well as people during natural disasters.
    • 2014: South Dakota becomes the 50th U.S. state to adopt a felony animal anti-cruelty law. The same year, the FBI announces it will begin tracking animal cruelty cases.

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